Soar Across the World
Across the globe, in every culture, within every person, we all share one thing in common, the heart beat. This song celebrates the heart beat and how it's shared among many people. 

With respect, the singing varies from Indonesia and the Maasai in Kenya. The song the children are singing is a religious song filled with clapping hands. 

The opening instrument is known as a berimbau. This instument is said to have roots in Africa and was brought over to Brazil during the slave era. Players would hit a metal cord that could run from 4ft-6ft long and keep the beat with a calabash for the resonator. 

The bamboo sounds you hear comes from an Indonesian style of gamelan known as gamelan jegog. Well known in Bali, Indonesia. 

The Triumph of John
To be a family and a community, is to open one's heart to another. To be able to respect, appreciate, love, accept, and support another. To give Love and receive love unconditionally. 

"My Home is the Home of Peace. My Home is the Home of Joy and Delight. My Home is the Home of laughter, and exaltation! Whomever enters through the portals of this house, must go forth with a gladsome heart." - `Abdu'l-Bahá

That is what the life of John W. Suggs Jr. lived by. Christa and John always opened their home for our community. From Music and Spirit (Drum Circle) nights, to Movie nights, and Fireside (small group discussion), you always have a place to go. You always have a Family. Johns mission in life was to reach out to all kinds of people in all kinds of communities regardless of religion, ideology, belief, race, or any differences. They both welcomed their doors and a warm greeting overwhelms you. You never feel judged, you can come with any belief, and be a part of a true community. 

One year ago, 2016, at this time, John W. Suggs Jr. passed away. He passed away from cancer, but pushed on as long as he could. However, we don't believe that he died and left a legacy, he's very much with us to this day. The song was originally titled "Legacy of John", but I changed it, because to me, Triumph implies a struggle. He battled cancer, but in the end, cancer lost. John's message and through his Faith and positive Actions, gave all of us, regardless of differences, a peek into what TRUE UNITY looks like. 

His message, to be a Master Drummer, is to LISTEN harder than you PLAY, is a valuable lesson to all humankind. In our Drum Circle, a Master Drummer can change; one starts a beat, but can change theirs to match another based on interest, and then the whole song changes. It can go faster or slower, louder or softer, and it doesn't matter what instrument it is; doesn't have to be a drum! Take this lesson, and go forth in life. When you use the VOICE of your INSTRUMENT, it blends together with all the sounds of the world, creating a song of it's own. 

 The Bahá'í Faith (Persian: بهائی Bahā'i) teaches the Oneness and Unity of all mankind. Equality of men and women. Progressive revelation; the idea that all world religions come from the same Creator. Condemning hatred actions based on phobias, racism, sexism, etc. They strive for World Peace their the teachings and writings.

Death to the Baha'i community is;
“To consider that after the death of the body the spirit perishes,” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá has said “is like imagining that a bird in a cage will be destroyed if the cage is broken, though the bird has nothing to fear from the destruction of the cage. Our body is like the cage, and the spirit is like the bird…if the cage becomes broken, the bird will continue and exist. Its feelings will be even more powerful, its perceptions greater and it's happiness increased."

May this song and video bring you Peace and Blessings. Wherever you are, whatever you believe, whatever your religion is or not, regardless of race, gender, sex, orientation, location, income, or any other forms of differences. May this video show you what the World CAN become. 

Karla Joy Huber - My Heart Tells Me Something Different
In our time of great uncertainty and fear, it's important to understand that we may believe different things, but in the end we may be more alike than we feel.  This poem was written by one of my best friends and a Spiritual Sister, Karla Joy Huber.

She is a writer, a teacher, Nichiren Buddhist, and a child of the Creator.  Her words flow like the classical songs of the ages, and the breath of life that she puts into each words is like a warm hug from a dear friend or family member. May her story bring you a life of happiness and Blessings. May we never forget, we all alike, we are all different. Peace.


© Karla Joy Huber
© Dijuri Media

The Air Clan (Relaxing Piano Solo)
Up, high in the clouds, there lives an Elf Clan. At the very top of the mountains where those who trek dare not go. Far above the Earth beyond in the stratosphere. A place where the air is pure and clean. A place where you could whisper and the wind can carry your voice ever far. Where soft breezes are like the cool side of a pillow. Here lives and thrives the Air Clan. 

Among the air clan is an elf named Shay. She spins and frolics in the heavens. She spins, wind picks up. She laughs, and a tickle of a breeze caresses your face. She is always happy and strong. Her dances create wind. 

This is an old English Folk song. During our Michigan Renaissance Festival, we dance to this song. It's so much fun, and the musicians do an incredible job performing it!!! 

The reed instrument being played is called the hulusi. It stems from the Yunnan province in China and has 3 valves. 2 valves are the drones and one is the where the fingers are played. Traditionally, the hulusi is a popular folk instrument from the Dai people. 

Shakuhachi (8min of Mediation)
Walking through a foggy forest on the edge of the mountain, you feel a warm mist circle you. The sound of the bamboo whistling in the wind enlightens your mind. 

Relax for 8 min to meditative music. The Shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese instrument. Introduced from China to Japan in the 6th century. Usually made out of bamboo and blown from the top. The mouth creates part of the blow hole.

Cover: Cirque du Soleil - "O"
My cover song of Cirque du Soleil's "O". This is the finale song at the very end of the spectacular show! A glass piano is played and slowly sinks into the depths of the water. The cast walk out and stand towards the spectators in the crowd. It's a marvelous ending to an incredible show. I highly recommend anybody to see it!

*I do not own any of the original source material. All copyright and original material is owned by Cirque du Soleil and affiliates. This is a cover.**

The Winter Clan
The wind blows around you. The chill, the cold. The world seems to be asleep. The soft white blanket of snow surrounds you. This strange world has a feeling of magic, kept and secret for thousands of years. You realize , you are among an elf clan. Welcome to the Winter Clan. Thousands of years ago, the Winter Clan traded with the Inuit a game, throat singing. With respect, this game, the players trade sounds back and forth. The goal of the game is to make someone laugh.

The Autumn Clan
Far away in the mountains and forests of Ebissya, there's an elvish clan called the Autumn Clan. Here, the clan is responsible for bringing the autumn and fall season. Strange floral and fauna not seen in man's surround you. Soft reds, yellows, and orange colors swirl around you as the wind picks up freshly fallen leaves. A cool breeze sways across your face as you smell the mahogany and teak wood smells soar though the air. Off in the distance, you begin to hear a strange instrument. It's the hulusi. Traded hundreds of years ago to the elvish Autumn Clan from the Chinese, they have adopted this instrument with great ease and play it during every harvest celebration, which is all year. A circle of elves have called you to join them in the Harvest Dance. Do you join?

Royalties of Nature: The Water Emperor
The Water Emperor is part of my "Royalties of Nature" series. It's a dedication to the Spirit of water. The instrument used is called the Bawu. It's a traditional folk instrument from southern China.

Song for Joe
When somebody really influences your life in a positive manner for so many years, you feel that part of their spirit is now part of your soul. So many years have gone by and I thank God for you every step of the way. Listening to others, patience , giving positive advice, and guiding my friends and family. This song was influenced by Adult Swim's Secret Garden, and then kind of morphed into it's own song drawing influence from chill out hip hop beats and with respect the Native American flute. Near the end, there's steel drum and small bell sounds, these represent our experiences though the Walt Disney World College Program & Carnival Cruise. Just a little fun fact ;)

*Joe is the one in the background :P
*Check out his channel and website!
*Song was inspired by "Adult Swim" Secret Garden, and became my own thing.

The Spirit World Part 1: Movement & Discovery
This is part 1 of a short series I call, "The Spirit World". These songs are dedicated God and to all the Spirits that surround us everyday. Those within us, and those in the natural world. It's called movement into the unknown because it gives a feeling of passing on into the next world and seeing the Spirits. Or, one could translate this as meditating or though praying deeply into the unknown.

The movement has two parts; Decent and Discovery. Decent is the feeling of entering into the Spirit World and having a deep fear of wonder, excitement, and terror. Our Spirit moves though the darkness of the unseen, but can only feel. The second half is Discovery, realizing the first moment of coming out the other side. Seeing and hearing the Spirits.

Daughter of God
This song is dedicated to somebody very special to me. Daughter of God is dedicated to my sister, Rachel. In all our ups and downs in life, God is our Creator and our guide. I love you!! Mahal Kita Rae!!!!

The Sky Chief
This is a song I created called "The Sky Chief". It's part of a series I'm doing that represents the Spirits of nature. This song was inspired with respect by Native American Music. The flute that was played was purchased at a Pow Wow called the Chambers Pow Wow in Florida. Part of it got nicked a bit from the creator, and he filled it in with turquoise making it very beautiful and unique.

The Yi Wedding
High in the mountains of the Yunnan Provence of China, there lives a group of people called the Yi. They are very well known for elaborate regalia and are very beautiful people. This song was inspired by a short folk song I once heard. The flute being played is call the Bawu (ba-woo). It's a reed instrument very well known in southwestern China.

Bawu Dreams
The Bawu is a traditional free reed instrument found in the southwestern part of China. It's played by blowing directly on the free flowing reed and sound travels out the holes in the bamboo. 

Bawu Dreams was inspired by the serenity of nature. Walking through the forest, you hear in the distance a strange and unearthly sound. It beckons you to come closer. Flowing freely in the wind you hear the sound of the flute among the soft mist. You close your eyes and begin to drift upwards into the heavens.

This was a collab between Brian Hilliker and myself. It was fun to mess around and see what can be created. With respect, the jaw harp being played is called Đàn môi. This is a traditional Hmong instrument. Various versions of the jaw harp can be found all over the world. I also mixed in for experimentation "Bawu Dreams" and make it a remix. The Bawu is a traditional Chinese Flute found more in southwestern part of China. It's a free flowing reed flute.

Stars of Bali

Stars of Bali was inspired by a folk tale I once heard. Long ago in old Bali, a young girl named Sari wanted to learn how to dance the Taruna Jaya, one of the most difficult dances. Her cousin was considered a great dancer by their village. Every night, the two would practice under the stars. They would practice hard until one night her cousin told Sari that she has been learning so well. "One day Sari, you will soon be a better dancer than I." In Sari's heart, she knew that she was right; she loved to dance and felt that this was her true passion. In all her life she never thought she would be so good at something, and now, she has mastered the dance. One night, Sari's aunt pointed to the heavens. "Look, that star has moved and is much dimmer now. It's a new season and different stars are brighter." Her aunt gave Sari a compliment stating "You have learned to dance so well, you must dance for the village at our festival!" Sari felt she should dance, but was afraid because her cousin would feel deeply hurt if Sari danced better than her. Her aunt responded, "You must dance! Think of the stars. Each one has been given it's special place so it can shine brightly and we can see it. Your cousin has had her chance to shine, it is your turn now; and you in turn, must make way for others when the time comes. Sari looked at the stars and thought deeply, then decided it was her time to dance. She danced for the village at the festival, and everybody was in awe, including her cousin. They were both very happy. Like the stars above, we must find our place in this world. Once we find each of our calling, we must shine brightly like the stars. In time, we must acknowledge to make way for others as their time comes and they are ready to shine. With respect, this song is played with the traditional Suling. The suling is a traditional bamboo flute often played with Indonesian gamelan. It has a unique style as you blow downward creating the sound over the sound hole.

Brian Hilliker & Dijuri Collab (featuring: the Đàn môi) Remix
This was a collab between Brian Hilliker and myself. It was fun to mess around and see what can be created. With respect, the jaw harp being played is called Đàn môi. This is a traditional Hmong instrument. Various versions of the jaw harp can be found all over the world. I also mixed in for experimentation "Bawu Dreams" and make it a remix. The Bawu is a traditional Chinese Flute found more in southwestern part of China. It's a free flowing reed flute.
Animated circle done by me though Adobe After Effects.
Special thanks to Brian Hilliker -