What's 'Dijuri'?

What's Dijuri?

        Dijuri is not a 'what' but a 'who'? The name Dijuri derives from Dan's character name that he performs at The Michigan Renaissance Festival. His name was inspired by the didgeridoo, an Australian hollowed out branch used in aboriginal music and ritual. This name was suggested by fellow cast members.
      Since then, it stuck and became his own character, stage name, and company name!

Who is Dijuri?

Full Name: Dijurivenali Kaleonegui
Age: Many Generations 2,900 years old. 
Mythological Affiliation: Elves
Clan: The Autumn Clan
Passion: Traveling and Performing through Music, Dance, and Festivals while studying humans
Foible: Terrible Sense of Direction and Cannot Read Maps
-   Mother: Head Priestess for the Autumn Clan Royal Court
-   Father: General for the Autumn Clan Military
-   Siblings: 3 brothers, 4 sisters.

Dijuri is the the third born son of the Kaleonegui family. Growing up, he always had a fascination for humans. His mother would consult with the humans and work with them and the father was never a huge fan of humans, as there has been wars in the past that he had to fight for, so Dijuri had mixed messages about their way of life and who they are. Dijuri has an uncle and aunt who were both explorers for the Royal Family and would travel to other kingdoms and bring back artifacts for Dijuri to explore. They both played music a lot and believed that music connected the Elves with the humans. This fueled Dijuri to pursue a glorious adventure into the human world to study music and performance.
    One day, the Emperor of the Autumn Clan consulted Dijuri to go on a diplomatic trip to visit the human world. The emperor assigns him with many other Elves from the other clans and together they go on many adventures. Dijuri loves to travel places, but has an absolute terrible sense of direction and never really learned the ways of exploration like his siblings picked up, he always winged it. 
   While on their voyage, they came upon Hollygroove, a magical and wondrous village filled with humans, walking animals, merchants, rituals, and food! They were granted the high honor to meet the Mayor and his family and also the Royal Court who were visiting the festival at that time! They find humans amazing and fastastic beings to be explored!