Who's Dan?

Who is this person.

           Who is Dan?

           Daniel R Moen was born in Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines and came to America in 1988 as a baby through adoption. He grew up in the Metro-Detroit town of Washington Township/Romeo. At a very young age, he was introduced to books that shaped his passion for studying people, cultures, and the world; Scholastic - We Are All Alike, We Are All Different, Children Just Like Me, and many mythical and legend novels, especially Native American. Dan's roots inspired him to learn more about his heritage and was very supported by his wonderful parents. Dan and his sister, Rachel, would celebrate Filipino Day, a day where his family got together and discussed adoption and it's importance.  
            When he was a child he fell in love with the piano and self taught himself purely by watching and listening. His mother introduced him to George Winston and bought various cassettes of Nature's Harmony and Lifescapes. This inspired his never ending passion for global music which continues to this day! Daniel was also blessed with traveling a lot in his youth with family all over the United States and also visited Canada, Germany, and Austria.  When he got into high school, the fine arts field exploded. He was painting, drawing, and creating sculpture. Two murals were painted at Romeo Senior High School  designed by him and then painted with the help of  his friends. Later at RHS,  he took a photography class on photojournalism. This sparked his interest in the world of photography.
           After his high school graduation in 2006, part of tradition, he took his senior trip back to his roots, The Philippines to rediscover his heritage. It was a very powerful trip and reconnected with the agency, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) and other various locations of significant importance. In the Filipino Community, he is known as a balikbayan. A balikbayan is a title named for Filipinos who left the islands, and then returned later in life.
          Daniel went onto taking courses at Macomb Community College focusing on photography & animation. During his college courses, he got accepted into two Disney College Internships (2008 and 2010). First internship was at Downtown Disney - Disney Quest/ Animation Academy. Disney Quest was an indoor arcade filled with games, interactivites, and a virtual 'build your own' roller coaster ride! The Animation Acadamy was a specialty position for those who had a passion for drawing. Cast members became instructors to Guests on how to draw the main Disney characters. The second program Dan was Blessed to work at EPCOT in the World Showcase area attraction; Kim Possible: World Showcase Adventure. Both programs gave him the opportunity to network and make new friends from all over the world, many he's still very close friends with to this day!
After Disney,  Daniel graduated with two degrees; Photographic Technologies & 3D Arts and Animation. Later on, he found a way to give back to the community by volunteering with the interfaith community and volunteering at his church, Kensington Community Church doing video.
            In 2013, he joined Carnival Cruiselines as entertainment staff where he interacted with Guests like at Disney. The entertainment staff position were the party people! Their role was to conduct the Lido Deck parties, perform on stage for game shows, create quizzes, and various contests. Dan was additionally Blessed to gain a position at the Punchliner Comedy Club. His role was to help with all the professional comedians who would come on board, give opening introductions, and manage the club. He had so much fun traveling around the Bahamas and Florida. It was a new experience, as he never been on a cruiseline prior! While on board he took photos of his friends for their portfolios and websites and met so many new friends from around the world and gained even more of a global view of life. 
            Today, Daniel currently performs at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as an ensemble leader for the Elves and enjoys every moment doing it! He works with incredible and very talented individuals and delivers a fun experience for the Guests who come. His elf character is named Dijurivenali Kaleonegui (Visit "Who is Dijuri" to learn more). He also works at an automotive texturing company putting his 3D modeling skills to work and additionally attends Oakland University full time! During the fall seasons, he works with Ray Anthony Photography and helps build up his photography skills. 
             Daniel Moen pushes himself to succeed, and always serves the world though his passions of photography, music, and arts.  He always believed that the arts is the universal language, regardless of any differences. His passion for learning new things is never ending.

 He thanks God everyday for his journey, his family, his friends, and his community.