2D/3D Graphics & Animation
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Why The Sun & Moon Live In the Sky: An African Folktale in Ebistame

This was a project that we did for my Adobe Flash course. We were asked to design a children's book and have it be interactive with a menu and options. Books we chose got scanned into the computer and put together in a children’s book that can be navigated. The animation was not required, but I decided to animate all the characters! I went a step farther and translated this book into 3 languages: Latin, Argentine Spanish and Ebistame. Ebistame is a language that was developed by Ize Spielman, a good friend of mine. The language has nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and other language constructs. I do not own the graphics in this book.




Manny Pacquiao Facial Expression Test

This was a project done in school where we were assigned to take a celebrity and turn them into an animated character. This is just a test where Manny's various facial expressions were placed together to see how they look. I used my own face as a reference. I do not own the background. Copyright goes to Disney.

School Animation Project: Jack Skeleton in a Lab

This was an animation project we did for my class while attending MCC. The rabbit shoots the skull from the song. It's a joke with my class as previously before this lesson, we had to animate Jack in a 2D environment and while scrubbing, you can hear the song over and over and over in our class out loud. By the end of the project, we knew the lyrics!

3D Rhino Project

This was a practice project I did while I was learning 3D Rhino for a company I worked for. The tutorial helped me design an old school gaming module as well as texture it with one of my photography composites.