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Jorkendam Images

These are a few examples of advertisements I created while I worked at Jorkendam Images. I was in charge of their social media work and marketing campaigns.

Facebook Banner for Ryan's Album Release Concert.

Ryan Muns Album: Ryanmuns.com

This is the back of his album, the colored boxes are used as bounding boxes and bleeds.

This was a poster that I created for a friend's concert. The layout is roughly inspired by a design I came across once.

This was a project we did in college. We were assigned a team and had to create a promo design for a music group. We all agreed we enjoyed "Putumayo" a world music company. All the graphics on the products we used from the company and placed them on various media. The wooden box was created and designed by a friend of ours. It's a "special edition" album box. The poster in the back we placed all the "Children's Playground" series on. 

This was a design I created for a friend's musical album.

This was something I create for fun based off of T-Mobile's ads.